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Loaded Avocado Toast

A great way for me to start my day and feel satisfied is with loaded avocado toast. I love this delicious sandwich because I can make it quick to take it on the go. Avocado toast made a big resurgence in the 2010s with cafes and chefs creating so many wonderful possibilities. This has also been a lifesaver for vegans to have at least one vegan option on the menu, especially at cafes. Avocado toast is great for any time studying, working at home, reading the paper, for kids who get home after school or after the gym. You can have it as a snack by itself or as a meal paired with a smoothie.

Avocados are loaded with nutrients. They are filled with healthy fats, which our body needs to survive. Avocados are also great for our heart health, as they contain so many vitamins in one fruit. I love to add flavorful ingredients to this toast such a nutritional yeast, which is filled with B Vitamins including B12 and gives the toast a nice light cheesy flavor. Garlic, which can help reduce sickness. Red Onions are packed with vitamins and contain antioxidants which may help with heart health. I also love to add chili flakes that contain vitamin A and help your immune system. For my toast, I like to add a vegan cream cheese just to add a unique taste. My favorite vegan cream cheese option is Go Veggie’s Plain cream cheese.

How to choose the right avocado:

Though avocados have been on-trend, many may not know how to pick the right avocado. Try to pick avocados that are a dark purple or brown color. You should be able to easily push off the stem with your thumb. The avocado will feel soft but not mushy when you apply pressure while holding it.

Loaded Avocado Toast

Prep 5 mins l Cook time 5 mins l Total time 10 mins l Serve 1


1 Bagel

1 Tbsp Go Veggie Vegan Cream Cheese

¼ cup Spinach

¼ cup red onions

1 medium-sized Ripe Avocado Sliced

1 tsp nutritional yeast

A Sprinkle of Garlic

⅛ tsp Chili flakes (optional)

Pinch of salt


1. Toast bagel to desires shade. I enjoy my bagels lightly toasted

2. While your bagel is toasting, slice your avocado into thin slices.

3. Once your bagel is toasted add Cream Cheese, Red Onions, Spinach, Avocado, garlic, Nutritional yeast, chili flakes, and salt if you desire

4. Enjoy!

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