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Fruit Filled Chia Seed Pudding

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Looking to change up your snack game? Try out this chia seed pudding! Packed with omega-3 fatty acids it is great for a light breakfast, post workout snack or a nighttime healthy dessert.

This recipe is incredibly simple to make, you just need to give it a little time to settle. I recommend making this snack the night before for best results. I generally like to make a couple batches in separate containers, so that my husband and I can just grab them and go throughout the week. I find this pudding only last for about three days, so get to them fast and enjoy them while they last.

Since this snack is so simple to make you can add many variations to it. For an extra protein I like to add a scoop of vegan protein powder to my chia pudding, it is an easy way to get a full post workout snack with all the essential nutrients to refuel. As for fruits, I love to mix in berries with mine, giving you an array of fruits to choose from. So take your chia pudding dreams to the next level and get creative with this easy to make recipe!

Fruit Filled Chia Seed Pudding 

Servings 1    Prep Time 10 Minutes   Cook Time 4 Hours 


3 tablespoons chia seeds

⅛ cup of cut fresh fruit

¼ cup of non dairy milk (I like Silk, very vanilla soy milk)

Agave to taste

A reusable container with a lid (I like to use Pyrex glass containers)


  1. In your bowl combine chia seeds, non dairy milk and agave

  2. Mix

  3. Add fresh fruit

  4. Let sit for 4 hours

  5. Enjoy


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