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Tropical Vibes Smoothie

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Smoothies are a great on the go, post workout or just a nice snack to add to your day. I particularly enjoy mine as apart of my post workout routine.They are packed full of nutrients that are in an easy to consume manner which is why I love having them. Today I’m going to give you an easy smoothie recipe that you can add to your recipe book.

*For this smoothie I will be using a Peanut Butter Powder. If you have a peanut allergy, omit this item and just use the rest of the ingredients.*

What I love about smoothies is that they give you a full meal in one drinkable way. This smoothie is filled with vitamins such as vitamin c from the pineapples to potassium from the bananas. Potassium is vital for living cells, so by knowing that I have some of my daily value I feel great knowing I'm contributing to the proper function of my body. As I mentioned earlier I love to have smoothies after a workout, so it is recommended that you try to eat fifteen minutes after you finish your workout to keep your metabolism running at the speed you had it when you were working out. If you aren’t just a few minutes from your gym, try to bring a banana or a vegan protein bar with you to keep that metabolism running strong. Check out below for my favorite anytime smoothie

Tropical Vibes Smoothie


1 Banana

1 cup Rice Milk (Or Dairy Free Milk of Choice)

2 Tbsp PB Powder

¼ Cup Pineapple

¼ cup Mango

¼ cup Strawberries

¼ cup Ice


Blend together ingredients and Enjoy!


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