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Bentonite Clay Mask 2.0

Updated: May 29, 2020

Loving the bentonite clay mask but wanting something a little more moisturizing? Well, you might want to check out my second variation of the bentonite clay mask! This mask uses honey which has great antibacterial properties, it is good for helping clear up acne and it gives you a soothing feel to your face. Now the Bentonite clay itself has great benefits for your skin as well. It is detoxifying, which you will notice as the clay gets tighter on your face and you realize how clean you feel after words. It also is filled with many minerals that are good for your skin. Additionally, it helps clear up acne, which is the main reason why I use this.

I have personally given this clay mask to everyone in my family to try, and all the feedback has been positive. My little brothers love to use the first clay mask because it makes their faces feel tight and clean, but they really don’t mind having the extra moisture that the second clay mask has. The first variation of this mask is also great for them because they are all really active individuals, so it’s nice to hear that they love this. Though in contrast, my aunt and my Emanuel love the second variation, she likes the moisture that you get with the honey and the after feeling. They also like that they don’t smell the apple cider vinegar while they have the mask on. So feel free to use this mask depending on what your preferences are or who you are, you’ll love the results either way.

After I use this mask I like to put on another moisturizer. Moisturizing your face is important because it is vital in keeping your skin looking young and blemish-free, they are also filled with many vitamins. It is also important to use a moisturizer with SPF in it, even when it’s cloudy. The sun’s rays are powerful and harmful to our skin, so make sure to add a little extra moisture on your face. Check out this recipe below and tell me what you think on Instagram @abohemianvegan.

Bentonite Mask

Bentonite Clay 2.0


3 Spoonfuls of Bentonite Clay

1 ½ Agave

Water to dilute


  1. Simply mix these ingredients together in a small jar (you’ll have enough to save for future masks). Dilute slowly with water just to give it make it smoother

  2. Apply to face for 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin or until completely dry if you don’t have sensitive skin

  3. Wash off with a clean washcloth and moisturize with your favorite moisturize if you desire


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