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Veggie Packed Buddha Bowl

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Over the summer Emanuel and I took a trip to Boston. It was honestly the best in many ways, vacation, family time, but also a wonderful time to visit and explore many vegan restaurants. One of the best restaurants we tried was this really awesome calm cafe, called Life Alive. The atmosphere was meditative and free spirited. We also found out that they offered yoga classes and other great community events. Though one thing that definitely stood out was that the food, it was super filling and left you feeling healthy. That particular day I had a wrap with brown rice, spinach and some other delicious veggies. Before going to Life Alive, I had rarely embraced a good wrap and I immediately decided to make it my mission to keep trying to recreate these recipes and add a little twist for my own kitchen. That is how my Buddha Bowl hit it’s turn with pure stomach enlightenment.

This Buddha bowl is so filling, by adding the rice and tofu you are automatically filled with grains and protein. You can use brown or white rice, I prefer to use brown rice because it is not refined and a little healthier for you. I like to make this with a colorful bowl with an asian flair by adding peanut sauce. I like to add sweet potatoes for a sweeter touch and home style feel. The broccoli and asparagus are filled with vitamins that will help you get the nutrients you need to keep your day going. For an added bonus Emanuel and I like to make a spicy peanut sauce that pairs wonderfully with this bowl. I like to have this meal for dinner but you can certainly take any leftovers as a next day lunch with your peanut sauce on the side. I’m sure your peers will be jealous. Check out this recipe below for my Buddha bowl and the recipe for our spicy peanut sauce!

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Veggie Packed Vegan Buddha Bowl

Servings 2 Prep Time 15 minutes Cook time 45 Minutes Total Time 1 hr


1 cup of Brown Rice

2 stalks of Broccoli

1 Sweet Potato

½ Block of Tofu

½ cup flour

½ Bushel of Asparagus

1 tbsp Sesame oil

1 cup of Olive oil

Peanut sauce


  1. Cook your rice per the directions (for brown rice it typically can take up to forty five minutes to cook, so I like to make this first. If you are using white rice this time will be cut in half)

  2. Steam your broccoli for eight minutes or until tender

  3. Poke holes in your sweet potato, place in bowl with a little water and put in the microwave for two minutes or until tender

  4. Sautee your asparagus in a skillet with a tsp of olive oil

  5. Heat 1 Cup of olive oil in a pan until it is 350 degrees

  6. Drain and cut your tofu into bite sized blocks and then coat them with flour

  7. Fry your tofu bites until golden and place on a plate with two sheets of paper towels to drain excess oil

  8. Assemble your plate and Enjoy!

*Spicy Peanut Sauce

In a bowl mix,

1/2 tsp Chili Garlic Sauce

1 tbsp Hoisin Sauce with garlic

2 tbsp peanut sauce

A sprinkle of sesame oil

*If you are allergic to peanuts, I would suggest having this meal with just soy sauce or trying some hoisin sauce.



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