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Six great things that happen when you go Vegan

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The best thing about going on a plant based lifestyle is that there are so many healthy positives that come out of it. For me it was most definitely skin and hair quality, for my husband his blood work changed radically in the matter of months. Here are some other observations I have learned while switching over to a meatless lifestyle.

I have a lot more energy.

This took time to cultivate for myself but I can honestly say that I can workout for what feels like longer with more stamina. I just honestly feel better, after I eat I don’t feel like I need to take a nap or feel sluggish, and I don’t have any regrets about what I ate. Also in my personal mindscape I can reflect and feel as though I ate for the good of the environment.

My skin is a lot clearer.

From having skin that broke out often, to now having skin that only breakouts hormonally and at that not even to the extent of the break outs previously, it is a glorious change. I believe this happened mostly because I got rid of eating dairy. My hair also started to have more shine and is softer as well.

I get sick less often.

I rarely get sick nowadays. By taking out the processed meats and nasty chemicals, I have cleaned out my body and tried to focus on adding more natural vitamins to my body. Which in turn has helped my immune system dramatically.

The difference is seen in your health.

Over the summer months my husband switched to a vegan diet from being a sole meat eater.

After being vegan for about five months he had a routine check up and had his blood work done. He compared them side by side from the previous year and found that he had reversed his blood health for the better. He went from having unhealthy blood work to being in the healthiest heart shape he has seen in ever. What was so great about it was that all of this change only took place in the matter months.

You become more regular.

This can be a touchy subject, but by becoming a plant based eater you have more fiber in your body and because of that you become less constipated. It’s actually very healthy to use the restroom regularly. It helps get rid of toxins and any extra waste.

You will lose weight.

Now you will lose weight initially as a vegan, this is because you are really eating better for your body. BUT you have to remember that weight loss does also come from regular exercise and a well balanced diet. I have noticed over the years, that when I wasn’t working out regularly but eating right I was maintaining my weight. Though, once I started to incorporate regular exercise I did notice that I lost more weight, while also getting better body composition. So, just know it can be done but it has to be well balanced.

These are a few of the many things I have noticed while going vegan. I hope these benefits help inspire you to keep going wherever you are in your journey!

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