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My Self Care Journey

Last year started off with a big decision, self care. I knew it was important because, we all need a break and I decided to not let myself get bogged down. Self care was also on my list because I didn't want to start the year with saying "I just want to lose _____ pounds". I wanted to try something different and see where it took me. At first I didn't quite know how to go about this; my initial take on the road to self care was the "treat yourself" method. I thought that by just saving up to treat myself was the best way to take care; but overtime there were different ways to the self care exploration.

My journey started out with going to get manicures. This was actually one of my favorite and most expensive ventures. Most of my nail choices ranged from subtle to something artistic. It was fun and it was nice to get pampered. There was something about just sitting there for 30-45 minutes having someone take the gel nail polish off your nails and shaping them to look better that just makes you feel at peace. I loved this method and I was particularly into trying out new styles from creative nail artists! The only problem was that afterwhile it got a little expensive to keep up, so I switched to doing at home manicures!

After my delightful trial with nail painting, I decided it was time to try something new; DIY skincare products. I have always been a fan of diy and and I love having natural products for my face and body. So I started buying a few Lush products, the difference was amazing; but the price tag, not so much. The best way to combat the price, was to simply start making my own products. Surprisingly it was very easy to make and rewarding to know exactly where the ingredients were coming from. Most importantly the results were great, clearer and brighter skin!

Throughout the last part of the year, I realized that my self care just meant time doing something I loved either by myself or with E. I'm the kind of girl that just can be content with a glass of wine and a movie or just being silent and reading a book. So when I take time to just chill I don't mind having my husband and my cats around to just vibe out with me. This was the greatest reward because, by the end of my journey I realized that I didn't need to spend a lot of money or spend any money at all. Honestly I really realized sometimes the smallest moments by myself were self care.

Because of my journey I wanted to share some tips to you, so you too can relish in your own form of self care.

1. Always Remember: This is about You.

This venture is about taking care of yourself. You are not here to please anyone else and their desires for you. This is your time to relax and recharge. Also this will look different to other people because we are not all clones of one another and we have different ways of relaxing and treating ourselves. Everyone should do what they believe will make them feel better or more reset for the days ahead. Self care is good for the mind and no matter who you are, you deserve to good for your mind and your soul. I encourage you to tap into having time carved out for yourself.

2. Pampering is not the only way to self care

For some people its working on their hobbies. Some people paint and others read. For some people self care can literally look like going to the movies by themselves or diversely as going to the gym to workout. Find what fits you, it took me a couple tries to get there and is still evolving, have patience and enjoy every step.

3. Don’t lock yourself in a time limit

For some people a mental health day is just one day, but for some people it takes longer. I read once about a woman who held a leading position at her job and she was having a rough week so she wrote an email to her colleagues saying she needed a mental health day and she would be taking a long weekend. I think that was a valiant way to let herself recharge rather than let frustration and exhaustion brew.I think this is an example we should look at and just hold it in the back of our minds for those times when we need a break.

I sincerely hope these tips can help you on your journey to self care and that you find your own unique way to give yourself me time!

Until the next post,



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