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DIY Coffee Masks

A great way to wake up your body and your senses is with a coffee scrub. Since embarking on my journey for better skin care products I have wanted to try something natural. So like any natural enthusiast, I ran into the Lush store only to notice that the prices for the majority of the products are a little well, pricey. This prompted me to go for something a little more commonly used in our everyday life and to make it easier to reproduce as a face mask.

Yes, you totally read right, this mask uses coffee. Although it’s not the boiling pot you just made but those grounds you put in the filter. Just don't try to leave your kitchen too quickly looking for your glass jar because there is one more thing you need, coconut oil, and the best part about this is it barely takes anytime.

I’m sure you are wondering how this works, let me break it down. So the caffeine helps wake up your skin in a way. How is this so? Well this is because coffee grounds are an anti-inflammatory. This chemical will help reduce the swelling and keep you from having any puffiness.This scrub also uses coconut oil which is moisturizing and will soften the skin and repair it. Together you have a exfoliating rejuvenating mask.

My experience using this was that it helped wake me up more than anything. Which is why it is great to use in the morning. I really love a good scrub so anything that makes me feel clean and is made of natural ingredients is even better. By the end of washing my face I felt like my skin was revitalized. I only use this about twice a week, because this is a scrub it can over exfoliate your face so make sure you are careful with how often you apply.

So if you want to give your skin a little glow check out this recipe below!

Using 1 tbsp of Coconut oil and used coffee grounds,

Warm up just the coconut oil in the microwave for 15 seconds, now this is only so that you can properly mix the ingredients together. I used a glass bowl to make my mask mixture but feel free to use a plastic container if you like. After that just simply let your mixture cool down and apply to a makeup free face. I store this right on my bathroom sink but if you like to keep yours in the fridge that is acceptable as well.


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